Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boston marathon info

I sent this to my family to let them know exactly what is the Boston Marathon. I can't remember where I found it but it's concise and made me a bit nervous considering how much I hate running hills. My bum wasn't built for incline running... yet that is of course!

"The next Boston Marathon will be on April 18, 2011, according to tradition on Patriots’ Day. About 25,000 people are expected to contend, cheered on by 500,000 spectators.
The Boston Marathon ranks as one of the most prestigious running events in the world. This honourable position is attained thanks to the long history of the race, the challenging course and the fact that you have to qualify to register as an official participant. In order to qualify, every runner must have finished a certified marathon within a certain time frame determined by the age of the runner. The qualifying standard is high enough to make qualifying for Boston – also known as ‘to BQ’ – quite an achievement in itself.
The legendary course of the Boston Marathon has been the same throughout most of the history of the race. The route follows 42.195 km of winding roads from rural Hopkinton to urban Boston, and it is renowned for its level of difficulty. Shortly after the 25k mark, the road starts going up a series of hills, named the Newton Hills. These hills never reach truly high elevations, but their position after 25 km of downhill running, when glycogen stores are likely to have run out, can break even the toughest runner. The last of the four hills is known as Heartbreak Hill.
The Boston Marathon is one of five members of the World Marathon Majors, consisting of marathons in Berlin, Chicago, London and New York, apart from the one in Boston. For registration in the Boston Marathon and further information, please follow the link to the official site here. "

A New Year of Running Begins!

Welcome to a new year! It's been over a year since my initial marathon at Niagara Falls and I've been M.I.A from my posts. BUT! A new year, so I figure a new focus for my upcoming Boston Marathon process. Last time, I focused on raising money for breast cancer, which with phenomenal support, I reached my goal.

This year though I want to blog about what it takes to be a healthy and successful marathon runner. I keep listening to the news reporting about the increasing interest in endurance sports which I'm sure is fueled by a number of reasons now a days. I fully understood how fast the marathoner numbers are growing when the Boston marathon registration closed just a couple months after opening and before I had a chance to enter. This year it closed just within hours! Thankfully I was determined not to get stuck having to re-qualify and was sitting at work pressing refresh for pretty much 3 hours before I got in. It was like reliving when the backstreet boys came to lil ol' halifax and I sat by the phone for hours calling in to the radio station for tickets. I was 13 I swear. Anyway, I'm in so now for the fun part! Running!

Hardcore marathoners keep warning about amateurs, such as myself, jumping in full swing and nearly killing themselves in the process. No need I've been told, so I want to be do a bit of research on what's out there to help us newbies get going in a way that won't make our hearts explode. First steps I've been told to cut out my energy drinks. I'm not saying it'll be easy, those things are my life source, but in the following months I'll be getting info together which hopefully will help myself and some people out there who want a good way to get into running the fun, effective, and healthy way!

Countdown begins now... 107 until the Boston Marathon ladies and gentlemen!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Successful fundraising and running!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me on my running adventure for the past few months. The purpose was ultimately to raise 3 000.00 dollars for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and I can happily say that goal was reached with a total of 3 040.00 dollars thanks to your donations! I can honestly say no matter how the race itself went I felt accomplished in being able to gether the donations of so many giving people.
On that note I have an insatiable amount of competitiveness inbedded in me that I can not ignore. After reaching the half way mark I decided it was time to push a little more now that I wasn't as fearful of collapsing or coming out of the starting blocks too fast. I managed to qualify for the Boston Marathon in April winning my age group (18-25) and coming 16th out of all females, which was approximately 550 in total. I was deliriously happy seeing my Dad and his girlfriend Brenda greet me with hugs, food and gatorade!
The surprising thing about marathong running I experienced was the atmosphere. Although I'm sure many are equally as competitive as I am, everyone cheers everyone else on! As I was passing people they would actually encourage you to go faster or win it all! Being apart of organized sports teams does not breed that type of mentality. Everyone was there to do their best if they win that's just a bonus. Either way I've fired a few light within me that wants to see what type of runner I can be if I really put an effort into learning about marathon training. First step, buy a watch. I'm never running a marathon again not knowing how long I've been going for!
Again thank you all for supporting such as important cause as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. An improvement in treatment and care is necessary and you have helped in that endeavour.

Friday, October 23, 2009

sensitive nerves come out in last days before the run!

I begin to wonder if all of these pains I'm starting to feel are merely phantom pains i'm imagining out of heightened sensitivity to my body. Knowing the run is coming on sunday I'm much more aware of every pull and ache I feel in my muscles, a light throb of my head, anything. Maybe I'm sore but I think I'm just nervous these baby pains will under the strain turn into significant problems. regardless I'm stoked to get my gear on and be surrounded by equally as adrenaline-pumped runners! to the start line! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tapering training feels wonderful!

The marathon is in 5 days and the training at this point feels lovely! It's much less time consumming and my body never feels excessively strained. My long runs now are about 6 miles which is chump change compared to earlier excursions. I feel much more relaxed then the week before. Maybe it's knowing I'll be able to put my training to the test soon or the finally joint decision Julie and I have made to enjoy the race and support each other as long as possible unless someone really gets injured. I think the 3 marathoner deaths recently shook us up a bit but looking at stats made me realize how unrealistic it is i'll drop dead from a heart attack. (knock on wood. no need to jinx myself). I'm happy to starting getting back to a regular routine where I have time to see my friends instead of run for a few hours in the afternoon. My ankle and hamstring still feel a bit tugged at, so hopefully they'll pull through during the race. right now getting antsy! time for the big day to come already!

Monday, October 5, 2009

LAST 19 MILES before Toronto!

This saturday was our last 19 mile run before the big day! I'm getting really excited to go to Toronto and finish my first ever marathon! I look back at all the training and realize how demanding this endeavor truly is. You sacrifice alot of personal time for sure and you're usual routine is out the window. This last run made me realize how far I've come. I wasn't even winded by the time I was done and would have felt great if not for my hamstring/bum. I've pulled the region that connects my hamstring to my bum in my right leg and it aches when I run. I think it may be from misaligned hips or my bad back causing me to alter how I move. I am very lucky the marathon is a flat race because I look like a moron attempting to shuffle up hills or hop onto curb sides even. I'm just hoping my adrenaline will push me through the tough spots. All 26 miles of them.

Run for the Cure

What more could I ask for then a morning of pink boas, bras, and broads?! Going to my first Run for the Cure in 5 years (since my mothers death) I was almost nervous to go. I'm not sure why but there was a definate uneasiness in my belly. Maybe I thought I would be sad or uncomfortable. I hate to say it, but occassionally being around so many survivors made me question why my mom hadn't been allowed to live? anger follows. Regardless I think I've developed my "grieving process" and was elated to be surrounded by so many fuzzy headed women !! I loved seeing the first signs or hair growing back after chemo and the smiling faces of so many women and men out to support their loved ones. I even unexpectedly ran into my good family friend Richard who was running for my mother! Imagine if I had just sat in my bed wasting away my morning instead of experiencing such a reviving environment as the run? What a loss. For me at least at this stage, I love to talk about the successes and possibility of a future without the painful losses and see many many more smiling fuzzy headed faces : )